June 11, 2020

Sharezy – An Amazing Online File Sharing Platform

About Sharezy:

Sharezy, developed by Ivory Innovations Private Ltd. (IIPL), is a simple and secure way of sharing your files to your friends and colleagues. Currently, this is a free service and can share your files up to 3 GB across the Globe. The unique feature of Sharezy is downloading of CLI Link, which is very much useful to Linux developers. The download link is available to the Recipients for up to 14 days and expires after that. You can upload multiple files and share to multiple users at a time with easy and minimal navigations. At present, you no need to register or sing-up to use Sharezy. For Corporate users, we will provide Registration and Restricted Sharing facility with many more useful features.

Why Sharezy:

Can share file(s) having size up to 3 GB for free via secured and encrypted Link

Can share multiple files to a single link

Can de-select the file(s) from the selected files list

Space availability will be shown after selecting file(s) to upload

Can choose Link expiration days and the default is 7 days

Can choose Link expiration based on the number of uploads by the user

A unique feature of CLI Link download for Linux Users

Password protected option for additional security

Many more upcoming options like Mobile app, What’sApp integration, Options for bigger files uploading, Options for choosing the file expiry days etc. in the coming versions.

How Sharezy is Different:

Sharezy having many unique features into its portfolio. These features are very much useful to Software developers especially for Linux Developers. The following features are making Sharezy different from other existing products available in the Market:

  1. CLI link download for Linux Developers
  2. What’sapp sharing link for Mobile users
  3. File tracking for Paid users
  4. Additional security features for Corporate users

Sharezy welcoming your feedback on these amazing features and help it to grow further. Please share your feedback to sharezy@iipl.work or srk@iipl.work

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