• Why Sharezy?

Sharezy, developed by Ivory Innovations Private Ltd. (IIPL), is a simple and secure way of sharing your files to your friends and colleagues

  • How I can share files?

You can share your files by generating an encrypted short link.

  • Can I share multiple files to multiple persons at a time?

Yes, you can share multiple files of size up to 3 GB to multiple persons with a single secured link.

  • Do I need to pay to use Sharezy services?

Sharezy services are free to use. No need to pay. However, Sharezy-Premium and Sharezy-Corp are paid services.

  • How to register to Sharezy?

No need of Registration or sign-up process to use Sharezy services. Registration is only for Sharezy-Premium and Sharezy-Corp users

  • What are the features available in Sharezy?

Currently the following features are available:

  • Can share file(s) having size up to 3 GB for free via Link
  • Can share multiple files to multiple users at a time
  • Can de-select the file(s) from the selected files list
  • Link will be available to the Recipient for 10 days (can be configurable)
  • A unique feature of CLI Link upload and download for Linux Users
  • ‘Download All’ feature
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Password Protection to the Uploaded files
  • Link availability based on number of days or based on number of uploads
  • Preview of images before downloading
  • Previous History to track all your uploaded files or images
  • Scan QR Code to transfer files from web to Mobile
  • What is the maximum size of file I can share from Sharezy?

You can share files of size up to 3 GB

  • I am a Linux developer. I am searching for CLI link for download to use in Linux. Is Sharezy providing CLI Link?

Yes, Sharezy providing upload and download of files using a simple CLI Link in Linux environment. In fact, this is one of the unique features of Sharezy.

  • How secure my file sharing / transferring by Sharezy?

Security of the file is top most priority for Sharezy. We use encryption protocols for sharing and storing files on secured data centers, or the cloud. An excellent secured file sharing or file transfer software will provide strong protection to your file being shared by Sharezy.

  • What file formats can I upload in Sharezy?

You can upload any file format types in Sharezy. However, the file being shared should compliance to our Abuse policy.

  • How to view my previous uploaded files?

You can view your previous uploaded files or images using ‘Previous History’ link.

  • How can I transfer downloaded files from my PC to Mobile?

Using ‘Scan QR Code’ option on Downloaded page, you can transfer the files or images from your Computer to Mobile.

  • I have received around 50 images, but I do not want to download all those images. Do we have any option to view those images before downloading?

Sharezy providing ‘Preview’ option on Downloaded page. Using ‘Preview’ option, you can view the images and decide which are to be downloadable.

  • I have few more queries on Sharezy. To whom I have to send the mail?

You can send your queries or feedback on Sharezy to Hello@sharezy.in or srk@iipl.work